Diva Chomolungma

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Chomolungma — the ambiguous mountain that can be lethal or the source of the highest spiritual experiment, climb up its top but fall down any second, breathe the cleanest air in the world or experience the deadly anhelation at the peak.

The U-he Diva soundset Diva Chomolungma elevates you to this pinnacle of aesthetics, by helping you to create your own sonic universe.


  • Experience the contrasting essence of Chomolungma through expressive Diva presets.
  • Delve into the light part with liquid, organic sounds and dreamy textures.
  • Explore the dark part featuring dramatic electronic sequences and numbing drones.
  • Enjoy instant gratification with playable presets designed for live performance.
  • Control sounds in real-time with mod wheel, velocity, and aftertouch for dynamic expression.
  • Enhance your compositions with 10 Synthmorph MIDI sequences offering continuous parameter morphing.
  • Customize Synthmorph sequences to create unique Diva patches or use them as inspiration for your tracks.

Synthmorph sequences

Content Details:

  • 70 presets for U-he Diva in .h2p and .nksf formats for compatibility
  • Commented, categorized, and tagged presets for easy navigation
  • 10 full morphing Synthmorph sequences in MIDI and WAV formats
  • Includes video tutorial and PDF manual for installation and usage tips


  • U-he Diva 1.4.2 (Rev5541) or later

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Last updated Mar 12, 2024

Synthmorph sequences
PDF manual
Video tutorial
U-he Diva 1.4.2 or later
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Diva Chomolungma

0 ratings
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